Sale Rules & Regulations Revised

1.  Each consignor is required to be a member of the Heart of the Ozarks Angus Breeders Association.
2.  All animals must meet the following criteria, i.e. rules to be eligible to sell.
3.  All service shall be eligible for registration.
4.  Consignment fee of $100 per lot, due at time of consignment.
5.  All bulls must be a minimum of 12 months of age and a maximum of 36 months of age by sale date and must have  a breeding and soundness exam performed by a licensed veterinarian stating they are a satisfactory potential breeder, conducted within 60 days of sale date.    Any non-virgin bull or any bull over 2 years of age must be tested   for trichomoniasis.  Bulls will be weighed at sale facility and must have a minimum of 2.4 pounds per day of age with the minimum weight being 1000 pounds.  All bulls over the age of 21 months must weight a minimum of 1500 pounds.  No shrinkage will be allowed.
6.  Cattle over ten (10) years of age by sale day are not eligible for consignment.
7.  All calves over ten (10) months of age at time of sale will be sold as separate lots and be charged full sale
8.  Consignors shall furnish an official health certificate issued within 30 days of sale date. All calves old enough to be
  split from dams will need a separate health paper.
9.  All cows that sell as bred and safe in calf must have a pregnancy examination within 30 days of sale and
      stated stage on health papers.
10.  All cattle must be clipped, washed and clean or they will not sell.
11.  All cattle & calves are required to be tagged with tag numbers corresponding to lot numbers in catalog.
12.  Cattle must be at sale site by 3:00 pm the preceding day of sale.
13.  Individual consignors are responsible to bring their registration papers for consigned lots to the sale and turn them in to the association secretary.  The association will transfer the cattle to the new owners.
14.  No straw or hay is to be left in pens.  Abuse of this rule will result in a $100 per pen assessment to consignor.
15.  All cattle that sell must be free of AM, NH, and CA by ancestry or by testing, this includes service sires
       and calves at side of dams.